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Money spells chants

To start, I want to first inform the readers that there is a difference between money spells and money spell chants. The reason being that money spells need not be repeated but money spell chants have to be repeated over and over for a set number of times. This is why money spell chants are

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Money spells in Africa worldwide

Money spells to get rich is a ritual done using money according to your age, it can be any amount but divisible to your age. This money works as a sacrifice to the mammon spirit (spirit that rules money in the world) this spirit give whom it want . In few days after a money

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Money spells that work instantly

My grandmother has been interested in magic and the Law of Attraction for a number of years. She could revive wilting flower just by using positive words as well as lower blood sugar levels with the help of creative visualization. She knew that the money is just a flow of energy similar to our life, and always managed to attract as much money

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