soulmate love spells

For this Tarot Soulmate Love Spell, you will need three tarot cards: The Star card The Lovers card The King of Cups The Tarot Love Spell to Find Your Soulmate First of all, write a list of all the things you wish for in your perfect lover. Spend some time on this, and try to be general rather than specific. For example, if you are mostly attracted to people with green eyes, you might be tempted to specify eye colour. But what if you are yet to meet a brown-eyed person who you think is the most beautiful thing on earth? So instead, in order to keep your options open while still aiming for your desire, you could write something like “He/she has beautiful eyes that I could stare into for hours”.

Once you are happy with your list, it is time to cast your circle. Once it is cast, enter into a meditative state. Now, lay down the three tarot cards. Look over the list and visualise your soulmate in as much detail as you can. See yourselves together, happy in love. Feel your heart overflowing with the unconditional love you feel for this person, and the gratitude you feel from knowing that they love you just as much.

Now repeat the following incantation to attract your soulmate: I call upon the good spirits, I call upon karmic forces, I call upon wide ruling powers. Make smooth the way that my soulmate may be brought to me. Close your eyes and put the piece of paper with the qualities of your soulmate on top of the cards.

Once again, visualise yourselves together happily, now repeat: As I lay down this list, the spell is cast, the magic shall last – so mote it be.

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