Money spells chants


To start, I want to first inform the readers that there is a difference between money spells and money spell chants. The reason being that money spells need not be repeated but money spell chants have to be repeated over and over for a set number of times. This is why money spell chants are unique and super effective. Coming back to money spell chants, I would like to talk about the chanting procedure because it is a lot different from money spells casting. I will write about the chanting step-wise.

  • The money spell chanting has to be done only on a Thursday and no other day which is a rule.
  • I meditate for approximately an hour followed by divine prayers.
  • The prayers are to be offered with absolute focus and peacefully. This is an art.
  • Now I cast the money spell chant i.e. I chant the money spell repeatedly for seven hundred and twenty one times. Not a single count here or there.

I have written about the steps involved in the money spell chant service that I offer which can be purchased at a cost of US$80. A special money amulet will be sent as a gift.

If you want money to the extremities then order for the money spell chant service and see for yourself what happens next.

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