Casting Instructions for ‘Win the Lottery

lottery winning spells 4

1. Enter the lottery.

2. Go home.

3. Repeat this as many times as you want:

I will win the lottery yes I will no one will stop me no one will, so mote it be.

4. Wait and see if it worked and if you won or not.

Winning The Lottery

020412 News. Photo: Chris Skelton/Dominion Post. Trevor celebrates after winning over twenty five million dollars in the lotto draw

Prof mama Juno you are the best, thanks for helping me win the lottery for $20,000. I also won on an instant ticket 11 days later for $1400. I know I was impatient and worried. But James you kept me calm and were very kind and very helpful.

I want everyone to know how you helped me and my family. Thank you Prof mama Juno

It has only been 8 days since your lottery casting. and i have already won. i hit the pick 4 straight and won $5000. i know more winnings are coming. thank you Prof mama Juno.