Good luck spells to win the lottery


OMG! That is the only phrase that comes to me while browsing on Internet and I find hundreds of sites that guarantee to make you win the lottery. How these people can sleep peaceful at night?

You should ask yourself: “when was the last time a lottery winner appeared in the media (newspapers, radio, television) and confessed that he had used a magic spell, or did someone help him through spells to win the lottery?” Never, as far as I know. A very dear friend, living crazy for the lottery winners, even think of marrying one – he has read many biographies of winners, but told me that even not be have you met none similar to the magic used to accomplish this. Closest thing found is a partner who claimed to use a good luck charm, while they chose the combination of numbers, but that’s all.

Amazing? A farce is more than clear that the gurus and experts that promise to make you win with their spells and witchcraft for winning the lottery are. If you’re an intelligent person, you know that there is no such thing as a 100% secure when we talk about spells for good luck in the lottery. We continue deeper on this subject.

Spells for good luck in the lottery


As I say in other places, there is no such thing as a spell that still operates exactly as one wants, and if someone says that you can do this, it is likely to be a liar, and the best will be away, holding well your wallet!

Why is it so difficult to win the lottery? After all, the witchcraft works well for a lot of aspects of life. Why you can’t force a spirit so that it generates the correct combination and then dropping the ball exactly where I want to? The answer is a single word: interference.
If there is no opposition to my spirit, then it would be easily able to achieve it, but this is not the case. You have all the people who have bought a ticket with the same hope, with the desire, praying, performing spells, spells to win the lottery, asking all their deities, etc. These people, represent a huge interference to any spirit you put to work!

Unfortunately, non-observant, or those who just come to the world of magic, look to us to us practitioners as if we were rescuers. They think that everything we do is say some magic words and Wham! Everything goes perfect. But it is not how it works. The works of magic are serious thing and really it is nothing more than one job like any other. That means that the effort passes bill on the practitioner of a form or another.

Secondly, everyone says that wants to win the lottery, and then their life would be easier. I don’t think so. Only get one thing: make it more complicated. When you got a little more money as anyone else, some can come to ask you for a penny here and there. But when you get a big win or a huge heritage, guess what? They appear from nowhere, asking, begging, pleading and demanding your money! Do you think that this will not be the case for you? See how your own family or your best friend’s family reacts when someone close dies and leaves a House and some assets. It’s a fucking frenzy! Then now that everyone learn that you’ve just inherited a large sum, or worse yet, you’ve won the jackpot… would guess who will ask for money until the boredom? You already know the answer! So be careful when you search for spells to win the lottery.

People generally don’t know what they want. 99% think that money will solve all your problems. It will not do so. You can help to alleviate a situation or two for a while, but guess what? The situation always comes back! And what is the worst thing that can make a person with a situation that is not going to disappear? Pull money on it! That is a waste of resources.

Thirdly, several studies show that individuals and families who win the lottery end in bankruptcy just two years to have won. Wow! Is it not curious? Well, it makes sense. Raisins of the working class, the rich class, and without all the sweat and hard work that entails financial success. And suppose what happens? There is no appreciation for the money they earned, because really you haven’t gained it yourself! You have it only from pure luck by some numbers that you’ve played. There is no true appreciation for that money, and that brings us to the fourth point about spells out the lottery.

People who earn the grand prizes in the lottery are – on average – in between two and five years after winning financial bankruptcy. How can this be? It has to do with the third reason, “not appreciate nor have sweated for it.” Winners simply let that money go through a hole in his pocket. Ask anyone who wants to win the lottery what would do with the money, and they will respond: “I want to buy X and X, and then go on a cruise, and then give to X to and, and then X to my church and then X to etc, etc, etc..” Spend, spend, spend, spend!

Are there effective spells to win the lottery?


Many of the awards pay only a limited amount of money in a single payment – usually less than one-third of the total, and sometimes less. And otherwise just pay a X amount of money per year. People ends up spending more than it earns annually, and in a few years they no longer have money, and they have to sell their profits long term carrion companies such as which are the commercial “cash” now.
If you think that I am being hard with people looking for spells effective for winning the lottery, it is really the same for people who win large judgments and agreements by demands. They become “new rich” and want to go out and splurge the money without much thought. Again this is reduced to a “no thank you” for this reason. This is a mentality that develops slowly and that affects them in the worst possible way.

Now it may be that it sounds like you were insisting more on the person who wants to win the lottery instead of the wizard who promises to win the lottery for them. Yes why? Because no matter who you have made this spell to win the lottery for you, the center of the issue is that if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, why are you looking for that and if you’re not completely at ease with the idea internally, no magic spell it will work for you.
Of course, I’m not blaming people who say they are going to make these spells for the lottery for you, but that promise “guaranteed results”.

If they can guarantee you that you win the jackpot, not are themselves winning prizes on a regular basis? Don’t fall into the old story that witches cannot use magic for their personal benefit. That is a total and complete nonsense. Anything I can do for a client, I can do for myself. Any magical practitioner should be able to do that! If they cannot do something by themselves then they are lying shamelessly!

I have done spells to win the lottery in the past and they did not get that nobody won the jackpot. This is due to the fact that everyone and their brother are trying to win the same prize. Bigger, more people are trying to win it. There are entire covens of witches, and more solitary practitioners trying to win which may have!

Then, what you can do a spell for good luck in the lottery? Well, it will improve your chances of winning at gambling. But if this is not written then regardless of what you do, you will not win. It is for this reason that you should learn to make predictions – although it’s only interpret the behavior of ants or a flock of geese – called “omens” in ancient times – because there may be a message coming towards you on the other hand. Instead, try a ritual for the money.

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