Binding Love Spells

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Binding love spells can be tempting, but you should think about the possible consequences of using witchcraft and magic to make someone love you.

It’s not always easy to see where the fine line is between white magic love spells and black magic love spells, and even then there are various levels of manipulation you may be attempting. While black magic really just refers to a spell that targets a specific person, a binding love spell is one where you actually force them to love you. You can cast a spell towards a certain person.

Using a spell to get someone’s attention, or to improve your chances is one thing which I personally don’t have an ethical problem with. But when you try to force the issue and create an emotional bond that isn’t naturally there, you’re asking for trouble.

The safer and more generally accepted way of casting love spells is to keep them generic, and just let the magic find the right person for you. Sort of like setting up a magnet to attract someone to you. You can find many free love spells online that fit the bill.

Most witches would say that this kind of magic is wrong because you’re messing with someone’s free will, which makes it morally wrong.

Not only is it wrong but will ultimately be unsuccessful since you can’t really keep casting spells forever to keep the “love” intact.

Another possible problem is that you may find out you don’t really want this person after all, and then have problems breaking it off because of your magic.

Do you really want to end up with a hostile stalker? It’s just not a great idea for many reasons. I don’t recommend it.

Though it’s tempting (very tempting) to use magic and witchcraft to get exactly what you want in love, please take some time to honestly consider the consequences of your actions.

Money Spells

With money spells you can attract money into your life. With these you get money spells prosperity and tranquility. When the circle of wealth and money stops coming breaks, it is not wrong to use spells to replenish its flow. The can make yourself at home in order to attract money.

The materials used are simple and easy to get. Potions help you begin to see results. Do these powerful rituals, if you do well you will provide success. The world of magic, witches, witchcraft is very effective in getting what you propose.


Lost Love Spells

Similar to the various spells to get an ex back, these lost love spells are intended to be used when a certain someone has become lost to you and you want them back. It’s not about finding a new love, but reconnecting with someone you once new.

They will work if you broke up, but they are more targeted to those situations when your lost your love due to life circumstances (like they moved away or something like that). Enough chatter, here are my new lost love spells to help you re-find your romance.


Lottery Spells

If you don’t own a “real” pendulum, you can hang any small object from a length of chain or string. Draw a septa-gram (see image up to the right there) on the paper in green, and pile the herbs up in the center of the star. Light the candle and incense nearby. Hold the pendulum by the end of the string so that the bob or object hangs in the center of the circle. Now comes the hard part. You need to think about getting that winning number.

First, focus on the first number. Start by saying “1” out loud and watching the pendulum. If it does nothing, say “2” and so on. At some point, it will give a shimmy and you should write that down as the first number. Then go on to the next digit until you have all the numbers you need for your specific lottery.

Commitment Spells

A Commitment Spell allows you to gain committed love and total faithfulness from your lover. If your lover has been reluctant to commit fully to you, to remain faithful, loving and loyal to only you, then you must not miss this opportunity to have me cast this special Spell to gain commitment. Don’t let this chance disappear and certainly don’t waste anymore time just wishing and hoping that things will improve between you and your lover. Take affirmative action now and have me cast this powerful and special love Spell for you.

For example, Serenity from Holland wanted her boyfriend to commit and stop paying attention to other girls. Shortly after having a Commitment Spell cast by me, her boyfriend proposed on Valentines’ Day.

Love Spells and Rituals

Since the beginning of time, people have attempted to formulate potions that induce love and stir desire. Some of the best stimulants of this type are naturally occurring foods like oysters, onions, ginseng, and ginger. But if the subtle effect of these substances isn’t enough for you, try one of the following potions.

However, I must warn you: is against the principles of good/ethical/white magic to try to impose your will onto another, even for such a benevolent reason as to induce true love. If you do so, remember the saying:Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it. The spell in the potion could rebound, you could find yourself falling in love or being attracted to someone completely unsuitable for you, which may even be dangerous.


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